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How are Yelp’s search results ranked? – Local Web Promotion

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How are Yelp’s search results ranked?

G. Mutlu

“It’s not just what you search for, but also how you search.”
That’s the million dollar question. Every business owner wants to land on the first page of Yelp’s natural search results, but not everyone will. Did you know, however, that similar searches can yield very different results (see “Pizza” in Chicago, vs. “Best Pizza Ever” in Chicago?)

Potential customers use a variety of search terms, and natural search aims to get users the most relevant results. These results are based on factors which include review text, ratings, number of reviews, and business information content on each listing. If you want to be more relevant in search results, start by adding content to your Yelp listing.

Location matters too. Natural search is done “near” not “in” a particular area (do a search with nothing in the search term box, near any city to see the default search map.) Consumers use the map tool to zoom in, or reposition the map to adjust the search results. If you’re located outside the map view area, you won’t be in the corresponding results. Potential customers also use Yelp’s filters to narrow searches based on categories, neighborhoods, and business features.

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June 21, 2011 at 4:11 am

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