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Monthly Maintenance



Monthly Maintenance – Do you mean me? . . . View Online



Why Monthly Maintenance?

All computer operating systems should have Monthly Maintenance done.

Just like all computers should be given a short nap once a week.

(for a computer, a short nap is a restart or shut down for a minute – memory is reset)

What will happen if I dont’t?

  • Maybe nothing. Maybe something annoying.
  • Maybe something really bad.

Windows – Monthly Maintenance – Windows

Bare minimum for your Windows Monthly Maintenance

Mac OSX – Monthly Maintenance – Mac OSX

For OSX 10.4 (Tiger) thru 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

  • AppleJack is a wondrous utility that keeps things clean and can repair problems, even if you cannot login to OSX.

    Download AppleJack About AppleJack

  • Onyx can do 4 of the 5 functions of AppleJack, and many additional functions. Highly Recommended.

    Onyx Downloads

Install Onyx as well as AppleJack .

Monthly Maintenance – Wrapup

View this document in a web browser for printing Here

Start your Monthly Maintenance Today!! Please.

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