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Hard Drive Death and Recovery Videos

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This first link is a video by David Pogue, a technology columnist, about his using a Data Recovery Service to retrieve his data that was NOT backed up. The cost would have been $500 or more, not counting plane fare.

This next link is a youtube video about harddrives operating (you may want to skip to time 6:50 to watch a strong magnet and screwdriver being used to cause hardware failure). (no audio, aside from HD noises)

This video shows what is, sometimes, the only fun thing that can be done with dead harddrives.

The following are videos about what Data Recovery Services do (for the 15% to 20% of harddrives that have failed mechanically, not simple software or interface problems). (Very Techy, and Geeky). AdvHDRec1of5, AdvHDRec2of5, AdvHDRec3of5, AdvHDRec4of5, AdvHDRec5of5. (9 minutes each)

The same HD Recovery presentation at Defcon 14 Defcon 14’s Hard Drive Recovery presentation

These videos are an obvious attempt to scare you into reliable backup habits.


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August 19, 2008 at 4:26 pm

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